Doing What I Love

About three months ago I was given the opportunity to work with Special Needs children in a middle school. What I do is aide 8 children with different needs in their classrooms. Basically I am being paid to go back to middle school, take notes and make sure that my children are safe and staying on task. It sounds pretty easy right? Well it can be very challenging. These kids are so different from each other and very important to me. Although they may be a hand full almost all day, these children are so precious and really do change the way you see not only learning, teaching, but how no matter what the challenges they may have, they are able to learn with the correct materials and great teachers who push and never give up.

Going back a few months, I was a teacher of my own classroom. I taught preschool, 3-5 year olds in a small wonderful school in Hawai’i. Now, teaching preschool has been the best time of my career. It taught me how to better teach children and how to go far and beyond for children in their learning. Now I do miss teaching preschool but I do have to say that teaching middle school Special Education has been a blessing to me. Not only is it opening my eyes to new in teaching children but it is opening my heart even more and realizing that no matter how difficult children may be or how difficult their needs are, they can learn anything and everything, all they need are special teachers. I want to be that kind of teacher!

These kids are teaching me so much more and I thank God for allowing me to work with some great children who make me happy to see them succeed in school. I am still steering towards teaching preschool in the future but so far I am going to soak up everything I can where I am at now.

I hope I did not offend anyone reading this post. I truly enjoy what I am doing and supporting children in their learning.

May God Bless You All!

Jessica ❤


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