Molding Clay In My Pocket

So far so good. I have been doing great with my job, great taking care of my doggie, my husband and most importantly, taking care of myself.

A few weeks ago I tried to promise myself that I will learn how to take care of myself both physically and mentally. As we all ready know I get anxiety attacks and just have overall worries about anything and everything. So I have decided that it was time to take care of my overall health, which seems pretty fair to me. I started off by learning a little more on how other people deal with their stress and anxieties on a daily basis. I know that may seem silly but really I didn’t know how to really deal with it myself. It already feels as if I am alone in this, so why not learn from others.

As the days went on, I have been talking to myself, in my mind of course, saying that everything is great and getting myself pumped up for the day. I have been looking more at the positive things again because somewhere along the lines, I have forgotten to ignore the negatives. So as my days are starting to roll I make sure that I am not forgetting to breath (I know sounds silly) and just keeping a smile on my face.

It’s the little things that really help me through the day. I get to remind myself that I get to come home and see my dog and see my family and my favorite part of the day, get to relax and be in bed. It seems like a lot of times all I want to do is just lie in bed and not be around people but I understand that that is not living. I have to get up every morning and live. As much as I would feel more comfortable being in bed starring at the ceiling fan, I need to get up and live. At the end of the day I get to reward myself with a nice warm bed and comfy pillows to just lie there until I fall asleep.

There comes a point where it is not fair to just shut everyone out because of certain anxieties. It’s not fair to others and especially not to yourself. Although a rough day at work stresses me out, I can prove to myself that I can control these anxieties by looking at the good in the day and just taking a few minutes in the bathroom or anywhere really to just breath!

What has been helping me also is playing with a small piece of molding clay. I have a little container small enough to fit in my jacket pocket and put a piece of clay in there. When I see myself messing with my nails, my ring, my hands, I get the clay out and just squish it and mold it. Within a few minutes I get those compulsive urges out of my system and go on with my day. It’s simple but so much fun. Anything that works I think is great. Either way, I know that I have to get my mind back on track. It is not all about keeping yourself healthy physically but it is also important to get your mental health on it’s best shape possible. I am doing it for myself. I hope that everyone takes time during the day to just relax and breath. It helps sooth your soul and keep your mind fresh. We all need to be healthy physically but most importantly healthy mentally.

May God Bless You all!

Jessica ❤


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