Why So…Sensitive?

I’ll get to the bottom of it…I have been really sensitive lately and it has nothing to do with who I am taking to or what I am doing, it is just a burst of emotion that gets me. It’s silly really. Why does this happen? So things bug me, that doesn’t make me a bad person right, for wanting space or wanting to let off some steam.

What I need is a good way to just let go of things and help me relax. Any ideas that may help? I think I need to learn to play the drums. It’s actually something I have always wanted to play but never did. That would be an awesome way to let off some steam. If anyone knows other ways please let me know.

Maybe I need to sleep a little longer. I always try to fall asleep early but can’t and I always end up waking up around 6am. I always look forward to Saturdays because every Saturday is when I convince myself that I will wake up late but I end up laying in bed early in the morning, not able to stay asleep past 7am. Ahh the perks of being an adult…not!

Either way, I am glad I have gotten a little better in dealing with things. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to manage but I think as of right now I am getting the ball in motion. Thank You WordPress for letting me let out my thoughts and Thank You to any readers that may actually take the time to read my silly rants.

May God Bless You All!!


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