Are You In The Dark?

When the lights go out and the bell rings, I’m ready for you, are you ready for me?

Sometimes life is just infair. Life can grab you and swing you like a rag doll. So why let it?

When you feel like you were left in the dark, stand up and get ready. Don’t let yourself get stepped on. Remember that God is on your side. If you are left in the dark, ask God to light your path. He will never let you walk alone. So don’t be scared, stand up and keep going! Get ready!


Yay December!

I am so excited that it is finally December. I love being in the holiday spirit full of family and love. Even though all of this fun Holiday spirit has me in a good mood, I just have to say that I hate hearing Christmas music everywhere and smelling cinnamon everywhere also, gross. In my opinion of course. Other than that, it is my favorite time of the year.

So this past week I have been thinking about my new job. I love being with kids and watching them grow. I am recently an Aide for Special Education and I have to say I have no experience with special needs childern and it is very tough. I am more comfortable in a pre-school setting but I know God put me in this Special needs classroom for a reason. I do have to say that these kids are changing my life. I may not know much about them or their needs but they have taught me so much already. They are teaching me how to deal with anxiety and how they really need someone who believes in them. They are so sweet and a little tricky at times but thank God for this opportunity.

I am still going work for my certification for Early Education because I can’t deny that my place is in a pre-school. I feel very grateful and I have so much joy in me because of these kids. My advice for everyone is, if something is a challenge and you think it’s not for you, just give it all you got. God puts you in different places for a reason, so why not learn from them.

May God Bless You All!