Family Time

So I have decided to try to post everyday to see how it goes and if I am able to do it. Lately my anxiety has calmed down. I have been feeling pretty great the past week and I just want share my days with my readers.

Today was a lazy day. It was a little chilly outside and we stayed in and watch movies on our new tv. My husband somehow installed an app called ShowBox and we are now able to watch all kinds of movies. So, we all sat around and started watching movies. It was a great way to just be with my family but in all honesty it was kind of boring. In fact we were all a little bored. Because it was gloomy and chilly outside we did not really have the energy to go out and just have some fun. Either way staying home is ok. I love being with my family. They make me happy and I thank God for them.

I was thinking about Thanks Giving. And it reminded me that tomorrow, the 24th is the tenth year since my grandmother past away. I have learned to not think about it which is probably why I am just remembering now. My grandmother was my best friend. I know I should be sad about her death but honestly I am not sad. Not because I don’t miss her because I do, but because I know she was a wonderful woman who would literally take the cloths off her back to give to those in need. She always guided me to do what’s best. I know God took her away for a beautiful reason and I should not have any negative feelings towards Him and His decision.

Either way I am so excited for Thanksgiving Day. I love spending time with my whole family. We have so much fun and there is so much love. I give thanks to God everyday for my family and of course can’t wait to stuff my face.

🙂 May God Bless You All!



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