Ko’olau Mountain Range

While I lived in Hawai’i, I fell in love with the Ko’olau  Mountain Range that went from one side of the Island to the other. They are so beautiful, full of big trees and so many green plants. I was born and raised in El Paso and our small dry Franklin Mountains do not compare to the beauty I saw every day on the Island of Oahu. These mountains really helped me see the beauty that God can do. I can not describe to you enough for BIG these mountains are and just how breath taking. And when it rained, the clouds rolled in and dozens of waterfalls just come pouring out. These pictures inspire me to let go of my troubles, worries, and just look at the beauty in God. He made these beautiful mountains, so breath taking, then he can fix our worries. I currently moved back to El Paso and now see the beauty in everything around me. Although it is a dry desert, God made it too, and it is beautiful! So take some time to enjoy your surroundings and realize how small you are and how powerful God is.

The mountains look small but face to face they are tremendously big and beautiful!
Here we were driving on the H-3. The bridge is so high up on the mountain just in case of flooding. So high up we are literally driving into the clouds!
Everyday I would drive by this part of the mountain and take in its beauty!

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