A Choice

I was lucky growing up. I have wonderful parents who always support me and always pushed me to better my life. As many teenagers, I had a troubled teenage life. It was full of ups and downs and hard blows to my emotions and spirit. Ok lets get real, I had my first love and break up, then my first boyfriend who was an absolute jerk.

Now here are where my choices come in. I had a choice to stay with someone who was destroying me slowly or move on and finish school and begin to grow up. Since I was a teenager, I stayed with the boy. My Choice. Now still in my teens, I fell into dark times, very dark time. My Choice. I was abused and torn down by people who I called my friends. My Choice.

My parents had it with me. I saw it in their faces, the disappointment, the feeling of them losing their daughter to people who said they were my friends, people who would do “anything” for me. My Choice. I went up and down with bad people leading to a bad life. Thank God that my parents still saw something in me. They still loved me enough to get mad at me and try to talk some sense into me. They set rules that I hated, took away things I needed to stay close to my friends with. Thank God they did because these friends had me by everything I had.

I drove my parents crazy, my biggest regret is this boyfriend of mine. Age 16 and I was abused in many ways. Things I had to explain to my parents, things that could have ruined my future. My Choice.

Now this is just the beginning. I have much more to say and elaborate on but I won’t. We all have choices and we all have to think of our futures, of ourselves. It’s not being selfish, it’s about taking care of ourselves, because we are the only ones who can control our lives. Now after a few years of teenage suffering that I have brought to myself, when I finally found God again, is when I got a chance to turn my life around. That was when I had the choice to make my life better, to put all of that behind me.

I have the choice to make my life how I want it, I have complete control. So I found my first love again and we reunited after all my mess ups after all the pain, I finally had the choice to be with someone who respected my, who loved me. My Choice. Now I’m 24 and have someone who loves me, someone who does not abuse me physically and mentally, I have my parents who forgave me and still continue to give me the love they have always shown me. I now have my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, which I am absolutely proud of. I have a great life. Yes, I get bad anxieties and stressed out but who doesn’t. I am taking control of those anxieties by keeping my mind open with art, by writing out my feelings whether they are good, bad, or don’t make sense. It’s my time to make my life better, it’s my choice.

So the word “Choice” stood out to me on day 3 of Writing 101 because I want to make my life better. I want to take control of my life because I am not that stupid teenager anymore who let people walk all over her, who humiliated herself. I want to be the adult that I want to be. Someone confident , someone who can trust that God is on her side. It’s my choice to live my life how I want it, and Thank God I can with his help.

May God Bless You All!


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