Things I’ve Learned: Writing 101

I am currently on day two of Writing 101 and my assignment for today is writing about things I have learned along with a list. Along the way I can say that I have learned so much but I have also learned a lot about people on WordPress. I learned about different cultures, I have learned how people take control of their lives and even how to make some delicious treats.

What I have learned from writing my thoughts out for all of my followers to see, is how some situations are not as bad as they seem at the beginning. I am able to learn from myself by expressing my thoughts on WordPress and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Writing out my thoughts have helped me learn to be more truthful to myself and have faith that God will take control of my life and lead me towards something amazing. With my writing I have learned to appreciate my feelings and express myself without having a feeling of being judged. It helps me relax and let go. It brings me closer to God and keeps me afloat.


So with my assignment comes a list of things that I have learned, and I have decided that with this simple photo, it makes the perfect list of things I have learned since I have joined WordPress to express my thoughts and feelings.

May God Bless You All!


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