Doing What I Have To Do For My Family

I am going to let off some steam here! My husbands family has been bugging me about not “allowing” my husband to go to Las Vegas with them in a few weeks. Now the plan was both me and my husband were going to go with them to Las Vegas but things happened and plans got changed, at least for me and my husband.

Now, I want to back track a little to when me and my husband lived away from our families and my husband was still in the military. When we got married I knew that I would have to start saving up because my husband was getting out of the military in two years. For those two years I worked and saved from both mine and my husbands income. I saved enough to allow us the opportunity to move back home and live off of just until we were able to find work. We are still looking for work but we are still stable in our finances, thank God.

A few weeks ago there was a hail storm (which I blogged about) and that storm did dent up our car which now needs fixing. We still have to pay our deductible which thanks to our savings, we are good for. Also, two weeks ago my husband was admitted to the hospital (which I blogged about) and again we also have to pay some out of our pocket for that hospital bill, which we are also good for. Last but not least, my husband has been wanting braces for the longest time and was not able to get them while he was in the military. So I made him an appointment with the orthodontist and yesterday he finally got those braces that he has been wanting, thank God!

So back to my husbands family, they got upset when I told them that we would not be going to Las Vegas because of these events/investment that has come up. They mocked me and they put me down. They told me that we were not working so we had the time to go and that I never let us have fun! This family has no idea what “saving” is and spends all of their money they have. They all live in a small house all cramped together because they can not afford to live on their own anymore. Mind you they are adults with children! Not to criticize, God forgive me, but really!!!

First point, we don’t have jobs…which is why I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on gambling. Second we spend our money where is needed. Our car, our hospital bill and my husbands braces are things we know are important and we need to take care of first. My husbands braces are not as important to some but for my husband it is something he wanted and thank God we are able to spend some money on things that makes us happy. Now I hope I am not alone in this and I hope I don’t seem like an evil person on not wanting to go to Vegas.

My husbands family told me to just stay back and let my husband go. That was very hurtful for me but ok whatever! I am glad my husband understands and somewhat agrees with me. I know he wants to go, heck me too, but we know that we have to take care of us first. We have to support each other and take care of us because I am sure no one else will be there when we need them. I will not let anyone step on my family nor what we think is best for us. I also hope that you don’t let anyone step on you or put you down. If you get hurt like I did, just let it out and stick to what you feel is best for you and your family. Only you know what is best!

May God Bless You all!


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