Saying Hello To My Inner Child

Yesterday, my husband and I went to a craft store to find a new hobby. He got some yarn to learn how to crochet himself some beenies for winter. He initially wanted to get some molding clay to learn how to mold, well stuff.

We went to the the “clay” section and there were so many different kinds of clay and we thought we needed to do some research on which clay is the one we were actually looking for. So we aborted that mission and my husband stuck to his yarn.

I was wanting to find something to help me relax and help forget about anxieties. So I was looking and looking when I saw a coloring book. Now this coloring book is obviously made for adults. It has difficult pictures to color and it’s awesome! So guess who found herself a small hobby to help with her relaxation…me!


So the coloring book is actually made to help people relax. I could have gotten some yarn like my husband but I already know how to crochet. I have made stuffed animals, beenies, blankets, doggie shirts…yea coloring is my new hobby, at least for awhile.

I couldn’t help but start coloring right away once we got home. I was so excited and reminded me about when I was a little girl and use to stick my tongue out while I was coloring. Good times!

So the coloring book did help with relaxation. I was into that one page for about an hour just thinking about what colors I should use next and picturing the finished product in my mind. I forgot all about the stressful stuff and had a great time just coloring. I really satisfied my inner child and had fun coloring this crazy design. Yay for relaxation!


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