About To Explode!!

I believe I suffer from anxiety. I have so much trouble stabilizing my emotions. I get stressed for the smallest things and let them get the best of me.

Recently my husband got out of the hospital do to internal bleeding and you can imagine my stress, my anxiety. So right now all of this anxiety built up inside me is starting to effect my everyday life. Anxiety is no joke.

It helps to speak to someone and to vent, but lately it’s just been me and my thoughts. What I’m getting at is, speak up don’t let anxiety get too far. It is a horrible feeling and I wish it on no one.

Thanks for letting me vent a little. May God Bless You All!


9 thoughts on “About To Explode!!

  1. You say it helps to talk…talking to yourself does help. Take a walk in the nature. Nature helps! I know that for sure. Also as you take these walks on a regular basis, you’ll meet some great people. That helps. Having a pet helps! I know you have a pet😊. I can listen to you.


  2. Get a pet,,they great and really give u a reason to smile,,,, or take a trip to the art store, get an easle, canvas, paint brushes,, and oil paint or acrylic paints,,, draw and paint something,,,, for me this is my favourite because its relaxing and fun.

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