It’s About Having Faith

So, this past Sunday I finally convinced my husband to come to church with me. Although I knew he wouldn’t pay much attention, I was glad he went.

The preacher spoke about having just the tiniest amount of faith could move the biggest mountains, figure of speach of course. In other words, nothing is to difficult for God. Having just a speck of Faith in God will overcome the most difficult of task or situations.

Now this is where today’s blog comes in…my husband was admitted to the hospital today and the first thing that came into my mind was “oh my God what will I do without him?”

Ok lets stop for a second and let me just say, can you see how quickly the Devil gets a hold of people?

Now the next thing that came to mind is “I have faith IN GOD that my husband will be ok.” Now here is the test. Do I have just a speck of faith that my husband will be ok, or is the Devil going to win this one…?

I have more than a speck of faith that God will help us overcome this problem. Nothing is ever too big for him. I have faith that my husband will walk out of this hospital even better than he’s ever been. I will stay strong and keep God on my side because he is all we need to win.

*Prayers would be greatly appreciated. May God Bless you all and remeber all you need is a tiny bit of faith in God and he will help you overcome ANYTHING!


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