Living A Full Life

This morning was my grandmothers birthday breakfast. It was simple but gave her so much joy.

Maria is her name and she turned 80 today, in fact she said (in spanish) “I turned 20…times 4.” She is so funny and still full of life. In fact the reason why I bring her up is because she is so humble dispite her life challenges that came with her aging. She can’t walk well, she can’t hear well, she needs dialysis twice a week…list goes on.

Dispite these challenges she smiles, she loves and she spreads nothing but joy. Even bad news she takes with so much positivity. Thank God for my grandmother! And thank God for allowing her to live another year to spread his joy.

For me it’s a lesson, live your days with love and joy. Don’t let little things disappoint you, live in happiness despite any situation. Live a full life!


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