Becoming A Master Asker

I am recently reading the book Becoming A Master Asker by Charles Nieman, and I can say it is helping me open my eyes.

This book shows us how in becoming a master asker you can achieve the things that God has placed deep inside your heart. The importance of this book is that you realize that you too will be blessed to be a blessing.

The book starts off by discussing how each and everyone of our lives is full of miracles. Miracles happen everyday to all of us, whether we consider them miracles or not.

“A miracle is a miracle. We are the ones who establish classifications…but God does not categorize; he looks for faith. As God, He is able to do whatever He chooses, whether large or small, but what He will not do is force us to believe.”

If you would like a review of the book let me know. Also, if you have read the book let me know what you think.


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