Success Is Not About Winning, It’s About Staying In The Game

Success. It means something different for everyone. What is success…to you? Is it finally having success in your business? Being wealthy? Success. According to Merriam-Webster the definition of Success is:

  • the fact of getting or receiving wealth, respect, or fame
  • the correct of desired result of an attempt
  • someone or something that is successful: a person or thing that succeeds

To me success is not all about being wealthy. Success is about always shooting for the stars and accomplishing the things that you desire, that make you happy. It’s about staying in the game no matter how difficult things get. Anyone can be successful and not be worth billions of dollars. Success is being happy of where you are in life, providing for your family, and having what you need. God gives us what we need to be happy and successful. If you think about it, how many of those “successful” and wealthy celebrities do you think are actually happy and content with their lives? How many of them can say they do have everything they have to make them happy…truly happy?

I have had a rough few weeks and still continue to be hit with bad news but I do not consider myself as being unsuccessful. These unfortunate events have kept me strong and looked forward to those battles that I know I am going to overcome. Why? Because God is on my side. I am staying in the game and staying positive on what God has in store for me and my family. I have never failed myself nor my family, although we have been hit with some bad luck, somehow we overcome and end up even better than before. Now for me that is being successful. Taking what you have now and making yourself better. It’s about staying in the game and never giving up because you will succeed!


Doing What I Have To Do For My Family

I am going to let off some steam here! My husbands family has been bugging me about not “allowing” my husband to go to Las Vegas with them in a few weeks. Now the plan was both me and my husband were going to go with them to Las Vegas but things happened and plans got changed, at least for me and my husband.

Now, I want to back track a little to when me and my husband lived away from our families and my husband was still in the military. When we got married I knew that I would have to start saving up because my husband was getting out of the military in two years. For those two years I worked and saved from both mine and my husbands income. I saved enough to allow us the opportunity to move back home and live off of just until we were able to find work. We are still looking for work but we are still stable in our finances, thank God.

A few weeks ago there was a hail storm (which I blogged about) and that storm did dent up our car which now needs fixing. We still have to pay our deductible which thanks to our savings, we are good for. Also, two weeks ago my husband was admitted to the hospital (which I blogged about) and again we also have to pay some out of our pocket for that hospital bill, which we are also good for. Last but not least, my husband has been wanting braces for the longest time and was not able to get them while he was in the military. So I made him an appointment with the orthodontist and yesterday he finally got those braces that he has been wanting, thank God!

So back to my husbands family, they got upset when I told them that we would not be going to Las Vegas because of these events/investment that has come up. They mocked me and they put me down. They told me that we were not working so we had the time to go and that I never let us have fun! This family has no idea what “saving” is and spends all of their money they have. They all live in a small house all cramped together because they can not afford to live on their own anymore. Mind you they are adults with children! Not to criticize, God forgive me, but really!!!

First point, we don’t have jobs…which is why I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on gambling. Second we spend our money where is needed. Our car, our hospital bill and my husbands braces are things we know are important and we need to take care of first. My husbands braces are not as important to some but for my husband it is something he¬†wanted and thank God we are able to spend some money on things that makes us happy. Now I hope I am not alone in this and I hope I don’t seem like an evil person on not wanting to go to Vegas.

My husbands family told me to just stay back and let my husband go. That was very hurtful for me but ok whatever! I am glad my husband understands and somewhat agrees with me. I know he wants to go, heck me too, but we know that we have to take care of us first. We have to support each other and take care of us because I am sure no one else will be there when we need them. I will not let anyone step on my family nor what we think is best for us. I also hope that you don’t let anyone step on you or put you down. If you get hurt like I did, just let it out and stick to what you feel is best for you and your family. Only you know what is best!

May God Bless You all!

Is It Still Too Early To Think About New Years Resolutions?

I know the new year is about two months away but I have been thinking about some stuff that I absolutely hate about myself and would love to change. Now when I say “hate about myself,” I do not mean I hate everything about me; these are just some things that I have noticed that has impact my life in a negative way and would love to make better.

The first thing I would love to work on is my perfection, not that I am perfect, I just need things MY way. Now this has been getting in the way of my marriage. Not to get too personal but yes, it has. My husband recently got out of the Marines, yesterday to be exact, but he has been on leave for almost two months. So as you can imagine, a Marine is always being told what to do by the government so my husband has been in the “I don’t have to listen to anyone anymore” mode. I do tell him a lot on how he should do things blah blah and he has been getting upset. Now, the things that we fuss about are the smallest things, “your hair is getting too long, your beard looks shabby, why are you going to wear that again…” things like that. I have been noticing that these things that I nag about are not things that are life threatening, so why am I fussing? It’s because things need to be my way. I understand now that my husband is trying to be “free,” free from the military, free from all of those rules. So yes that is one of my biggest new years resolutions, I just want to go with the flow with out having these anxieties about the silliest things. My husband is not doing anything wrong he just wants to be himself. I want to learn to be more down to Earth and just be happy.

Lately my anxieties have been through the roof which just makes things worse. In fact, I think that is why I have been fussing over the silliest things. I hope I don’t look like the bad one, me and my husband have a great relationship and love each other very much. He understands that I have anxieties and just brushes things off but I would like to not have these moments. Why should he have to brush them off when I can learn to just CHILL OUT. No one is perfect so why am I so picky about things?

My second resolution is leaning to relax. Finding things that make me happy and just learn to trust in God that he will guide me and be with me. Recently I have been forgetting that God is on my side and have been freaking out about things. I need to just trust in God and do my part and all will be ok. Why stress? There is no need to worry when the Lord is on my side.

I am sure I’ll have more to add before the new year but for now these are my main resolutions. Things have been crazy for us so I just wanted to let things out on my blog and be honest with myself and just fix things. I want to get things out there and get the ball rolling, so I think I am going to start practicing those changes now!

Thanks for reading/listening! May God Bless You all!

Saying Hello To My Inner Child

Yesterday, my husband and I went to a craft store to find a new hobby. He got some yarn to learn how to crochet himself some beenies for winter. He initially wanted to get some molding clay to learn how to mold, well stuff.

We went to the the “clay” section and there were so many different kinds of clay and we thought we needed to do some research on which clay is the one we were actually looking for. So we aborted that mission and my husband stuck to his yarn.

I was wanting to find something to help me relax and help forget about anxieties. So I was looking and looking when I saw a coloring book. Now this coloring book is obviously made for adults. It has difficult pictures to color and it’s awesome! So guess who found herself a small hobby to help with her relaxation…me!


So the coloring book is actually made to help people relax. I could have gotten some yarn like my husband but I already know how to crochet. I have made stuffed animals, beenies, blankets, doggie shirts…yea coloring is my new hobby, at least for awhile.

I couldn’t help but start coloring right away once we got home. I was so excited and reminded me about when I was a little girl and use to stick my tongue out while I was coloring. Good times!

So the coloring book did help with relaxation. I was into that one page for about an hour just thinking about what colors I should use next and picturing the finished product in my mind. I forgot all about the stressful stuff and had a great time just coloring. I really satisfied my inner child and had fun coloring this crazy design. Yay for relaxation!

Thank God For All Of His Blessings

Right now I am feeling a bit bothered and in disbelief. A friend of my family has past away in the most bothersome way. No one ever thinks about dying nor thinks about a loved one dying, but it can happen in an instant.

GOD does not tell us when are time is but does give us the chance to make our lives mean something. He gives us the opportunity to walk down a path where we can be happy and content in his hands. Now, I am not trying to preach to anyone but if you think about it, how much better would life be if we left everything in God’s hands. God does not want us to suffer. He did all of the suffering for us.

Back to our family friend… He was alive one moment and the next he was gone. It takes my breath away how God can take a life…just like that. It reminds me of how speacial our life is and how much we should thank God for all of the blessings be brings us. Blessed to wake up this morning, blessed to have our families with us, blessed we have a home, blessed we have the ability to work…the list goes on.

Now I am not saying that we are not blessed when a family member passes but we should be blessed that God allowed us to spend time and grow up with these people. God lends us our bodies but once it is time to go, it’s time to go. I see it this way…at least our family friend wont have to be on this earth where there is war, violence, sinning, etc. Now he can be with God, in peace. I see that as a blessing.

Although this friend will be missed and yes it is so sad and a horrible feeling, but now we have to move foward because our time is coming also and we need to thank God for all of the blessing he’s given us and make sure we walk with him, because when that moment comes and no matter how I go, I want to go with God to a place full of love and peace.

May God continue to bless you all!

About To Explode!!

I believe I suffer from anxiety. I have so much trouble stabilizing my emotions. I get stressed for the smallest things and let them get the best of me.

Recently my husband got out of the hospital do to internal bleeding and you can imagine my stress, my anxiety. So right now all of this anxiety built up inside me is starting to effect my everyday life. Anxiety is no joke.

It helps to speak to someone and to vent, but lately it’s just been me and my thoughts. What I’m getting at is, speak up don’t let anxiety get too far. It is a horrible feeling and I wish it on no one.

Thanks for letting me vent a little. May God Bless You All!

It’s About Having Faith

So, this past Sunday I finally convinced my husband to come to church with me. Although I knew he wouldn’t pay much attention, I was glad he went.

The preacher spoke about having just the tiniest amount of faith could move the biggest mountains, figure of speach of course. In other words, nothing is to difficult for God. Having just a speck of Faith in God will overcome the most difficult of task or situations.

Now this is where today’s blog comes in…my husband was admitted to the hospital today and the first thing that came into my mind was “oh my God what will I do without him?”

Ok lets stop for a second and let me just say, can you see how quickly the Devil gets a hold of people?

Now the next thing that came to mind is “I have faith IN GOD that my husband will be ok.” Now here is the test. Do I have just a speck of faith that my husband will be ok, or is the Devil going to win this one…?

I have more than a speck of faith that God will help us overcome this problem. Nothing is ever too big for him. I have faith that my husband will walk out of this hospital even better than he’s ever been. I will stay strong and keep God on my side because he is all we need to win.

*Prayers would be greatly appreciated. May God Bless you all and remeber all you need is a tiny bit of faith in God and he will help you overcome ANYTHING!

Living A Full Life

This morning was my grandmothers birthday breakfast. It was simple but gave her so much joy.

Maria is her name and she turned 80 today, in fact she said (in spanish) “I turned 20…times 4.” She is so funny and still full of life. In fact the reason why I bring her up is because she is so humble dispite her life challenges that came with her aging. She can’t walk well, she can’t hear well, she needs dialysis twice a week…list goes on.

Dispite these challenges she smiles, she loves and she spreads nothing but joy. Even bad news she takes with so much positivity. Thank God for my grandmother! And thank God for allowing her to live another year to spread his joy.

For me it’s a lesson, live your days with love and joy. Don’t let little things disappoint you, live in happiness despite any situation. Live a full life!

GOD Is Powerful

Ok so we have been under a tornado warning and a hail storm warning for awhile, no one really thought we would get anything untill just a few hours ago.

God is so powerful! Wow I have never heard thunder like I have heard it today. Thunder was roaring for a minute straight with just a few seconds in between. The hail the size of quarters (maybe a tad bigger), the rain fell with so much force it flooded the streets in minutes.

I know that many people have seen worse but for El Paso Texas it was so incredible! It’s amazing what the Lord can do.



Praise God for this storm! It was beautiful, and all though we have a big mess to clean up and my car is a little dinged, I got to see just a glimps of God’s beauty.