We Are Their Cheerleaders!

Being a military wife is not easy. It comes with stuggles, loneliness, and also the push to be both the man and the woman of the houshold. It has taught me how to take care of the car on my own, how to deal with carrying furniture up flights of stairs on my own, how to crawl into a dark AC/heater room full of spiders to change filters…you name it, I did it!

The simple things a man can do with ease was suddenly put on me. Being thousands of miles from family and friends, help was not in my reach. Now I’m not complaining. My husband had a job to do, he needed to protect not only me but the entire country.

So what kept me going was, if my husband and all those men and women can put their lives on the line for me, for us, then I can take care of these small things. I can kill all those centipedes that come into my home, I can put up ceiling fans, and everything that comes my way.

My husband didn’t need to hear me complain about all theses small struggles that can be easily taken care of, he wanted to hear me say: I love you, I’m doing good, the house is good, everything is ready for your return.

Us as military wives learn easy how to deal with everything on our own. We deal with the loneliness and learn to be patient. We also learn to be our mens cheerleader.

We learn to tell them how proud we are of them, how strong they are, how we will have everything ready for when they get home.

My husband has a month left in the military after 8 years service. We are now moved back home with our family and friends and in the move I came across a poem I wrote my husband years ago, we were not even married yet.

I’ll be waiting…
Looking out into the horizon
A whole world lies beyond
The path of life shall guide you
And move you swiftly on

There’s new things to discover
And unseen sights to see
But always I’ll be waiting
For when you return to me

The road stretched before you
No one knows how far
And whatever may befall you
Just remember who you are

If others try to change you
Think of who you want to be
And I’ll be right here waiting
For when you return to me

You’ll find you’ve reached your limit
When you can go no more
And you’ll always have the memories
Of good times you’ve had before

So when your journey is ending
And you’ve manage to break free
Just remember I’m here waiting
For when you’re back here with me



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