My calm and collective pup

Bugsy is my dogs name and he was a rescue from the Humane Society in Hawaii. He is such an adorable dog. We know he is a mix of a German Shepherd and possibly a Husky.


Bugsy is such a sweetheart and absolutely loves kids. He can be a little sassy. He hates to snuggle. He will only let you hold him for about five seconds before he pulls himself away from you and walks away.  He is so quite, never barks and never gets into trouble. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful dog who not only likes to stay on guard but obeys and stays true to me and my husband.


Since he was a puppy he would always keep his guard and just listen around. Always calm and reacts quickly. Normally he doesn’t like to be bothered, but when he chose to have some fun he loves doing all kinds of tricks and just bring joy to our hearts. ❤


4 thoughts on “My calm and collective pup

  1. Wow, I didn’t know dogs can be so calm and collective. My little daughter would love to have one but we’re a bit reluctant to get one because of the added responsibility to take care of it.


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