No matter where you try to hide
Take a moment to look up

What do you see?

Look up at the trees you see above you
Do you see me?
Look at the large piece of land covered with wild flowers of all colors

Feel the forest breeze on your face
Don’t feel alone,
For God exists all around you
Look at the colorful scenery that takes your breath away

Do you see me now?

See how dramatically the leaves fall from the top of the trees
Realize how where ever you go you will always feel God all around you

For God exists in the forest you try to hide in
Like God, a best friend always knows where to look
Whether it’s deep in the forest, far into the trees, God exists
And will always stand by your side
Like a best friend would

So, what is a friend?
A single soul dwelling in two bodies
So where there is friendship there is God
For God lives within wonderful friendships

-This poem is to my husband who is not only my life partner but my best friend.


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