My Best Friend!


Meet Lacy. She is my lovely Ridgeback Mix who helps me with my stress, anxieties, and just about anything that I may be feeling.

I got Lacy when she was about 6 months. She was put on Facebook by a man who was desperate to give her away. The picture that was up caught my eye. Cocoa, as the man called her, was the cutest puppy.


I thought to myself, why is he so desperate to give her away so quickly, she doesn’t look like a “bad” dog… So I contacted the man. He lived on a base across the island (I live on a Marine base in Hawaii). So I went right away. Upon entering the man’s house, his wife said “ahh I hope you want the dog.” What was up with these people?!! Well once I reached the back porch I saw that Cocoa was in a state of terror. She was shacking and didn’t want to come in the house. The man picked her up and literally tossed her inside the house.

Oh my!!! that got me upset! On top of that his kids grabbed her from her paws and swung her on the sofa. Her face was…scared. It broke my heart. In fact, I didn’t bother even spending any time with her. I felt I needed to take her home and give her the love she deserves.

So the guy stuck her in my car and we were off. She was scared but I do think she understood that she would be ok. She was away from those people and brought into a home where she would be spoiled and loved like crazy.

Because of her rough passed we did have to work with it. We signed up for training to help with her anxieties. I not only helped save her life but she saved mine. She is my protector, she is my go to pup when I need a nice snuggle. From day one, I would hold her and show that she is in a safe home, not have to worry about kids or men who toss her around like a doll.

My husband did not know I got her so it was a nice surprise, since he loves dogs. But to my surprise, Lacy was a little rough when she met my husband. He was deployed at the time so she had spent a few days with me and our other dog before meeting my husband. We actually thought that she was just so cautious with men, which was understandable do to her passed.

Long story short, she is my everything. I never had pets growing up and I am so blessed to have such a loyal dog who makes sure I’m happy and safe. Now, if you would like to know about my other dog, Bugsy, I would be glad to write about him. He is a German Shepherd Mix and is such a silly sweet heart whom I also love so much. I also have a cute video of Lacy and Bugsy when they first met, which I can show you all as well.


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