You can climb mountains!

It’s time for a pick me up! Have you ever gone mountain climbing or hiking and reached the end and feel so good about yourself? You look down from the top of the mountain and see all the little houses, people who look like ants and have that feeling of accomplishment?

You did it! You concord your fears and made it to the top! Remember that feeling because this is how life is. Life is scary and intimidating just like that climb that hike you have decided to try. The struggle of using all your muscles being in the right mind to accomplish what’s in front of you.


Let’s start from the beginning. You reach the mountain, you look up at it and see nothing but trees, obstacles that seem extreme. You think to yourself “can I do this?” Now think about a life struggle that may be in front of you. I know you look at that struggle and see all the obstacles that are staring down at you just bringing worries at your feet. Now at this point, do you climb?


I would assume you do. Now think about hiking up that mountain full of rough patches. Branches picking at you, mud sucking you in; but you stay strong. You keep your eyes forword and keep your mind strong. You use all that you have to hike the rough mountain. This is how you should deal with thoughs rough situations that stand in front of you. Clear your mind, use all that you have to push those branches away, to not let anyone bring you down and suck you in like the mud at your feet. You look forward and stay strong. Know that once you reach the top, you made it. You look down at the mountain and say “I DID IT!”


The climb is hard, it always is. You just have to remind yourself of what is at the top, at the end of your travels is something beautiful, something that couldn’t intimidate you. Don’t look at struggles and let them get the best of you. Always climb that mountain with an open mind, with confidence, with knowledge knowing you WILL overcome.

Now tell me, what do you see? What did you accomplish?


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