We Are Their Cheerleaders!

Being a military wife is not easy. It comes with stuggles, loneliness, and also the push to be both the man and the woman of the houshold. It has taught me how to take care of the car on my own, how to deal with carrying furniture up flights of stairs on my own, how to crawl into a dark AC/heater room full of spiders to change filters…you name it, I did it!

The simple things a man can do with ease was suddenly put on me. Being thousands of miles from family and friends, help was not in my reach. Now I’m not complaining. My husband had a job to do, he needed to protect not only me but the entire country.

So what kept me going was, if my husband and all those men and women can put their lives on the line for me, for us, then I can take care of these small things. I can kill all those centipedes that come into my home, I can put up ceiling fans, and everything that comes my way.

My husband didn’t need to hear me complain about all theses small struggles that can be easily taken care of, he wanted to hear me say: I love you, I’m doing good, the house is good, everything is ready for your return.

Us as military wives learn easy how to deal with everything on our own. We deal with the loneliness and learn to be patient. We also learn to be our mens cheerleader.

We learn to tell them how proud we are of them, how strong they are, how we will have everything ready for when they get home.

My husband has a month left in the military after 8 years service. We are now moved back home with our family and friends and in the move I came across a poem I wrote my husband years ago, we were not even married yet.

I’ll be waiting…
Looking out into the horizon
A whole world lies beyond
The path of life shall guide you
And move you swiftly on

There’s new things to discover
And unseen sights to see
But always I’ll be waiting
For when you return to me

The road stretched before you
No one knows how far
And whatever may befall you
Just remember who you are

If others try to change you
Think of who you want to be
And I’ll be right here waiting
For when you return to me

You’ll find you’ve reached your limit
When you can go no more
And you’ll always have the memories
Of good times you’ve had before

So when your journey is ending
And you’ve manage to break free
Just remember I’m here waiting
For when you’re back here with me



My calm and collective pup

Bugsy is my dogs name and he was a rescue from the Humane Society in Hawaii. He is such an adorable dog. We know he is a mix of a German Shepherd and possibly a Husky.


Bugsy is such a sweetheart and absolutely loves kids. He can be a little sassy. He hates to snuggle. He will only let you hold him for about five seconds before he pulls himself away from you and walks away.  He is so quite, never barks and never gets into trouble. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful dog who not only likes to stay on guard but obeys and stays true to me and my husband.


Since he was a puppy he would always keep his guard and just listen around. Always calm and reacts quickly. Normally he doesn’t like to be bothered, but when he chose to have some fun he loves doing all kinds of tricks and just bring joy to our hearts. ❤


No matter where you try to hide
Take a moment to look up

What do you see?

Look up at the trees you see above you
Do you see me?
Look at the large piece of land covered with wild flowers of all colors

Feel the forest breeze on your face
Don’t feel alone,
For God exists all around you
Look at the colorful scenery that takes your breath away

Do you see me now?

See how dramatically the leaves fall from the top of the trees
Realize how where ever you go you will always feel God all around you

For God exists in the forest you try to hide in
Like God, a best friend always knows where to look
Whether it’s deep in the forest, far into the trees, God exists
And will always stand by your side
Like a best friend would

So, what is a friend?
A single soul dwelling in two bodies
So where there is friendship there is God
For God lives within wonderful friendships

-This poem is to my husband who is not only my life partner but my best friend.

…and another door shall open.

I have felt as if I have been in a stump for the longest time. There has been something that has been holding me back for about 3 years now and has taken a toll on me emotionally, mentally and physically.

It’s the smallest things that really gets my depression bubbling and my emotions are bouncing around in my head with no stopping it. It seems funny how I can let stress get a good hold of me even when I know I’ll be fine and I can overcome my situations.

What I hope you get out of this is knowing that everyone has their struggles but shouldn’t allow them to get a hold of you. Although you may feel as if it will never end, God will always open doors for you. There has never been a time where God has forgotten about me, he has always let me learn from my struggles and opened new doors for me.

This struggle that has been haunting me all this time, well, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Although I get my days where I feel I can’t go on, I remember that God is on my side and will lift me up.

So stay strong! Your doors will be opened.

My Best Friend!


Meet Lacy. She is my lovely Ridgeback Mix who helps me with my stress, anxieties, and just about anything that I may be feeling.

I got Lacy when she was about 6 months. She was put on Facebook by a man who was desperate to give her away. The picture that was up caught my eye. Cocoa, as the man called her, was the cutest puppy.


I thought to myself, why is he so desperate to give her away so quickly, she doesn’t look like a “bad” dog… So I contacted the man. He lived on a base across the island (I live on a Marine base in Hawaii). So I went right away. Upon entering the man’s house, his wife said “ahh I hope you want the dog.” What was up with these people?!! Well once I reached the back porch I saw that Cocoa was in a state of terror. She was shacking and didn’t want to come in the house. The man picked her up and literally tossed her inside the house.

Oh my!!! that got me upset! On top of that his kids grabbed her from her paws and swung her on the sofa. Her face was…scared. It broke my heart. In fact, I didn’t bother even spending any time with her. I felt I needed to take her home and give her the love she deserves.

So the guy stuck her in my car and we were off. She was scared but I do think she understood that she would be ok. She was away from those people and brought into a home where she would be spoiled and loved like crazy.

Because of her rough passed we did have to work with it. We signed up for training to help with her anxieties. I not only helped save her life but she saved mine. She is my protector, she is my go to pup when I need a nice snuggle. From day one, I would hold her and show that she is in a safe home, not have to worry about kids or men who toss her around like a doll.

My husband did not know I got her so it was a nice surprise, since he loves dogs. But to my surprise, Lacy was a little rough when she met my husband. He was deployed at the time so she had spent a few days with me and our other dog before meeting my husband. We actually thought that she was just so cautious with men, which was understandable do to her passed.

Long story short, she is my everything. I never had pets growing up and I am so blessed to have such a loyal dog who makes sure I’m happy and safe. Now, if you would like to know about my other dog, Bugsy, I would be glad to write about him. He is a German Shepherd Mix and is such a silly sweet heart whom I also love so much. I also have a cute video of Lacy and Bugsy when they first met, which I can show you all as well.

You can climb mountains!

It’s time for a pick me up! Have you ever gone mountain climbing or hiking and reached the end and feel so good about yourself? You look down from the top of the mountain and see all the little houses, people who look like ants and have that feeling of accomplishment?

You did it! You concord your fears and made it to the top! Remember that feeling because this is how life is. Life is scary and intimidating just like that climb that hike you have decided to try. The struggle of using all your muscles being in the right mind to accomplish what’s in front of you.


Let’s start from the beginning. You reach the mountain, you look up at it and see nothing but trees, obstacles that seem extreme. You think to yourself “can I do this?” Now think about a life struggle that may be in front of you. I know you look at that struggle and see all the obstacles that are staring down at you just bringing worries at your feet. Now at this point, do you climb?


I would assume you do. Now think about hiking up that mountain full of rough patches. Branches picking at you, mud sucking you in; but you stay strong. You keep your eyes forword and keep your mind strong. You use all that you have to hike the rough mountain. This is how you should deal with thoughs rough situations that stand in front of you. Clear your mind, use all that you have to push those branches away, to not let anyone bring you down and suck you in like the mud at your feet. You look forward and stay strong. Know that once you reach the top, you made it. You look down at the mountain and say “I DID IT!”


The climb is hard, it always is. You just have to remind yourself of what is at the top, at the end of your travels is something beautiful, something that couldn’t intimidate you. Don’t look at struggles and let them get the best of you. Always climb that mountain with an open mind, with confidence, with knowledge knowing you WILL overcome.

Now tell me, what do you see? What did you accomplish?

What is up with these pants?!

Seriously, I am not the only female who has trouble losing just 5 pounds. I am not over weight but who wouldn’t wanna lose a couple of pounds anyways… I mean, these pants fit ok but they could fit better, am I right! Eating healthy is hard! Why can’t we just run 5 miles and sweat off these last few pounds, because trust me if it was that easy I’d be a twig. Well, not really. Who would wanna be a twig, not me thanks…ok my random rant: pants why don’t you fit better? No! Why can’t I shed these last few pounds like, now!

Light House trail in Hawaii


I deal with stress almost everyday! It is something that is on my mind all the time. I have recently made a decision to not let all these stressors become my life but to try to overcome these stressors by staying as positive as I can. I pray to God to help me and really, this has been helping slowly but surely. No matter what the situation I remind myself to pray about it and just let it go, leave it in God’s hands.

My husband and I recently moved so things zip through my mind about our new life, our new way of living. But I do have to say, I wouldn’t wish stress on anyone. I would advise those people who also deal with stress to write things down. Keep a journal. Write down your feeling, thoughts and ways to deal with situations properly. This helps a lot as well. Once you read back on those thoughts you will get a sense of “yea I can overcome this, it’s not as bad as I thought.” Also stay positive. Don’t let those negative feelings get the best of you. God will never put you through situations were you won’t overcome, so why not give it your all, stop stressing and just go for it. Talk about it. Express your thoughts, feelings and overcome.